Frequently asked questions

For the pottery lessons can I make what I want?

We have a system in place that we've been using for 5 years now and it works. Depending on the class size you will make 2-4 pieces each using graduated clay sizes that we will have ready for you. Pottery is tricky and most people a pretty humbling experience, trust us to take you through the process that is a win for you.

Can we make mugs?

No and the reason is that handles need to be added when the piece is around leather hard, likely the next day.

Can I watch my friend take the class?

Unless you are an arthritic grama wheelchair bound, no. Our classes are reasonably priced and so if you would like to hang out, please sign up. Besides, we are pretty confident you will be itching to wanna try too once you see the process.

How can we pay?

You can process either your deposit or full class payment here on this website or send an interac e transfer via online banking to elorapottery@gmail.com Just let us know what your plan is so we can keep track :D

Why the longer turnaround time for commissioned pottery ?

Pottery takes approximately 5 weeks to turn around. We want your commission to be how you want it! Thats why its a commission. Lots of love and time go into all the pottery we make so we need to get it right for you hopefully the first time.



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