IMPORTANT NOTICE RE: Pottery classes are booked weekends until Jan 2021


Thank you for checking in to see how we run our classes here at the Elora Pottery!     The session is geared towards first timer potters…. :)


Generally our clients complete 3-4 pieces of pottery each in the 2 hour private class. (price is based on pieces made not time-- however after hundreds of clients we find approximately 2 hours is required for 2 people (give or take) and about 2.5 hours required for 3 people (guaranteed 3 pieces each). 


The prices are as follows for your private class (plus tax)  : 1 person $150.    2 people: $170     3 people   $220  4 people: please inquire

( we can take up to 5 people but there are 3 wheels so taking turns will needs to be fun for ya!)


You are welcome to book just yourself or bring up to 3/4 more friends. 


Times for the classes are based on mutually agreed schedules.


We work 7 days a week up until 10pm. Times for booking are generally 10/10:30am, 6/6:30/7/8pm (more options mid-week)


To book your session a $56.50 non refundable deposit is due at time of booking.


Gift Certificates for lessons to be paid in full. Ensure you have a date and time pre-booked before purchasing.


A deposit can be made at this website.  Online e-transfers also accepted to email

Reviews of our classes can be found here on Facebook.

After you book your time with me please go here to pay for your deposit or the entire class if you wish.

Let me know how you will secure your time slot and thank you for choosing the Elora Pottery. 






Elora, ON NOB 1S0 519-846-0586




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