Shipping Policy

We ship pottery around the world and have been for the last 18 years. We have excellent relationships with our shippers in order to get you the best rates. If the pottery arrives broken, send us a picture of the breakage as you opened it and we will replace it or refund you. Its that simple. 

Return & Exchange Policy

Pottery is unique. Every item is one of a kind. Literally. We photograph our work but there can be nuances and glaze differentials that as a customer you need to accept or we recommend that you not purchase it.  

In that spirit we will do exchanges but at your cost. Please visit us to sort!

 We are unable to offer Amazon-type return policy. 


Exchanges are welcomed. Please come to the store to do this and let us know ahead of time so we can be sure to meet you. 30 day exchange policy. 

As for classes they are transferable but not refundable. Feel free to re-gift them (let us know the new name please).

They do not expire as per law in Ontario. However we would appreciate it if you used it within one calendar year.

This is a one horse show over here, and while we endeavour to not get into an accident - s**t happens. So.. Book your class in!



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